Huda Kattan is the guru of makeup industry. Among the world's quickest-growing beauty brands, Huda Beauty has become one of the biggest names in the industry. With a north of 26 million supporters, Huda Beauty became the number one Beauty Instagram account of all time in 2010!

Huda's long-lasting passion for beauty leads her to enroll at a renowned cosmetics preparing school in Los Angeles, where she develops a clientele of A-list celebrities and wealthy families.

One of the things Huda Kattan is famous for is her iconic, beautiful lips. Without further ado, let's hop into a detailed guide about a lip routine.

Why Is A Lip Routine Important?

The lips are one of the main elements of the face. Delicate, delectable, full-bodied, and pink lips could add to the tasteful allure. Not everyone can get the ideal lips, yet if your lips feel continually dry or dried out, there is certainly something wrong with your way of life or lip care schedule. When remedied, you might get the ideal rendition of your lips.

Why Follow Huda Kattan's Guide?

Huda Kattan is one of the greatest magnificence forces to be reckoned with, running a fruitful cosmetics line called HUDA Beauty. Taking to her Instagram page, she shares cosmetics strategies and hacks. She likewise makes up difficulties and imitates strides of viral instructional exercises to let individuals know if it was a lie or a feasible hack.

The Lip Care Routine Huda Kattan Follows

Huda Kattan is famous for her perfect pouty lips. One of the main things to remember is how smoothly the lipstick melted on her lips. If you want lips like Huda Kattan, then you are at the right place. We have gathered the most exclusive guide to achieving lips like Huda Kattan. Kissables have launched 4 amazing products that can help you achieve lips like Huda Kattan.

1.   Lip Exfoliation

Just like our skin, our lips need to be exfoliated every single day. The upper layer of our lip skin becomes dead, and this is what causes the flaky lipstick. In the worst-case scenarios, our lip skin starts to peel, causing an excessive tear of the lip nerves. For that, it is important to exfoliate lips on a regular basis. Kissables have a Lip scrub and mask that is perfect for having soft lips like Huda Kattan. Kissables lip scrub comes in 5 different flavors. Each flavor is infused with ultra-nourishing active ingredients.

2.   Lip Sleeping Mask

Like our skin, our lips need a layer of moisturizer. Huda Kattan is so fond of hydrating lip masks and jelly balms to hydrate her lips our night. In one of her videos, she mentioned how she never applies any lipstick without prepping the lips with lip jellies. Kissable has a similar product, known as a lip sleeping mask. This mask hydrates the lips when you are asleep, making them highly nourished, fuller, and plumped.

3.   Hydrating Lip Balms

Huda Kattan always adds a hydrating gloss to her lips as a part of her skincare routine. If you want hydrated lips which are always ready for lipsticks, then adding kissable flower lip oil will definitely be an ideal choice. This lip oil has flower richness and a perfect gloss finish that makes the lips super hydrating.

4.   Huda Kattan’s 'Signature Lip Technique'

Another thing the beauty blogger Huda Kattan is famous for is the perfect pouty lips. Her lips are always super smooth that all kinds of lipstick literally glide smoothly on her lips. Well, one more thing that makes her lips supper mesmerizing is the way she applies her lipstick. If you want fuller pouty lips without the fillers, then we have added a guide for that too.

  • Huda Kattan begins making her lips more full by making a fresh start or base. She applies the concealer all around her lips.
  • The following stage is shaping. The cosmetics force to be reckoned with begins by applying the shape of the Cupid’s bow and the lower and upper coating of the lips. She mixed the item within to make the shadow.
  • In the third step, she applied an earthenware lip shape in the warm pink shade. The application will characterize the linings of the lips. She applied it on the lips as well as the corners to upgrade the shape.
  • The fourth step is the use of fluid lipstick all around her lips. She picked a variety that matched the warm pink shade.
  • Huda Kattan applied a lighter shade to the focal point of her lips and mixed it a piece with the hazier one.
  • In the last step, she applied a liner to the sides of her lips. It matched the tone of her lipstick (intense lipstick conceals) and gave an impression of pulling her lips vertically. Hence, it helped the excellence powerhouse accomplish a 'charming sulk.'

If you are looking for a perfect long-lasting yet supper hydrating lip tint to work with, then kissable Luxury Gloss is ideal for you. This gloss comes in 5 different shades. Each shade is gorgeous and rich, making the lips ideally loveable no matter what. The other add-on features of kissable ultra-hydrating lip gloss are as follows;

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Dried and dry lips are, much of the time, the main indication of parchedness. Eating a sound nutritious eating regimen will give you every one of the nutrients and supplements expected to keep up with the ideal strength of your skin overall. Moreover, the key to lips like Huda Kattan is exfoliation, hydration, and miniaturization.

August 19, 2022 — Kevin Rowan