You can make yourself look the best by simply using natural makeup, and we'll explain why. From radiant mineral foundation to stunning lip gloss, there are many natural makeup products that will make you stand out. The days of women slathering their skin with preservatives and other questionable chemicals in their makeup are short lived. Finding safe and nontoxic versions of your makeup isn't always easy, but seeking the right products out will prevent you from exposure to potential health risks.

Whether you're just starting to wear makeup or a veteran makeup artist, we highly recommend natural makeup for the many benefits to young and healthy skin. Many natural makeup products also contain organic products, but read the label carefully, they aren't all forthcoming with that information! In fact, we live in a country that does not require the manufacturers to list all of the product ingredients on the label.

Some of the ingredients to avoid include parabens, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (FRP's) Oxybenzone, phthalates, butylated hydroxyanlsole (BHA), lead, and fragrance. If these ingredients aren't recommended for pregnant women, we don't want to put them on our skin regardless! Make sure you trust the source of your products by researching the brand before you buy it, or in the very least before you use it. Look for certifications from the Natural Products Association and USDA Organic labels to be more comfortable with which products you're choosing, but also be aware that these certifications are more relevant to the source of the ingredients rather than the ingredients used as a whole.

Remember that it's not just the cosmetics that you wear all day, but also products like nail polish remover that can be an unhealthy choice. For a safer solution, choose an acetone-free nail polish remover with aloe and an E-enriched formula. Even if they advertise as a natural product and contain these, still do your research to be sure they aren't adding in other toxic ingredients.

Another example is eye shadow. There are many mineral-based eye shadows and products that contain blends of organic corn and rice foundation powders that are gentle on your skin. Only the best natural makeup products will offer pure antioxidants to give you more than just a great look, they can potentially extend your life too!

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July 13, 2022 — Kevin Rowan