Prep & Hydrate Your Lips

Use a soft, nourshing lip balm or oil to make the lips soft and healthy looking. This is important whether you are wearing lipstick daily or not, you must keep your lips hydrated to avoid having dry, chapped lips with flaky skin and cracks. Also, having moist lips will create smoother finishes when applying lipstick or other products.

Lip Liner

You need to define your natural lip line. Use a liner that compliments your skin tone (or a shade lighter than your lipstick) and trace your lip line from corner to corner. Applying a lip liner will not only give you an overal cleaner look, but it will help the lipstick last longer as it will act as an adhesive to the lipstick. Our soft, smooth textured lip pencils come in 14 different shades, providing easy skin matches and application. A dry concealer is also an option in place of a lip liner, or as an addition.

Apply the lipstick

Finding the perfect lipstick shade will take some trial and error, but few things to consider when looking for that lipstick. Keep an eye on the ingredients, usually the more natural ingredients, the more comfortable the wear. You want to look for jojoba seed oil, aloe vera or a natural wax. If you want that bold punch look, a matte lipstick works well, but if you’re worried about dry lips you can find a matte lipstick with gloss, or add your own layer on top which works very well. If you already have dry lips (you won’t with our lip mask) you may want to try a creamy, buttery lipstick. You may need to re-apply once or twice, but it will give you a glossier feel and hydrate more than matte.

July 13, 2022 — Kevin Rowan